Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapter 9: How to forget...

Kids, it's 30th of December 2010. December is always associated with end of the year, it symbolizes happy endings for most of us. Christmas, New year- it's all about moving on with new hope and new dreams. December is like the last act of the play where things begin to make sense and the system seems to justify itself. It's a man-made clock, where January is supposed to work as a "Refresh" button of sorts.

Well, I do believe that nothing changes unless you make it change but these occasions where the mind is conditioned to start afresh can speed up the process. Birthdays are also examples of such occasions where you can rewind and reflect on the past. My point is- If you really want to get over someone, try to stay busy on their birthday and try not to include them in celebrations of such kind.

Festivals, holidays, carnivals are occasions when the little memory chip in your brain works overtime; it records each and every minute detail of people and things around you. It is perhaps the little anecdote accumulator in all of us that makes us do such stuff. We view these occasions aside from a chance to have fun, as times to create memories, so that when we grow old we aren't those boring oldies who have absolutely no stories to tell!

Another way to forget is to believe that you never really loved them. Since the concept of true love is so twisted that it gets you thinking and distracts you from the real thought of how much you love them, it works.

Okay now that we are on it, one surefire way to forget her is to think how annoying she is. Trust me, how much ever you love her, if she is a girl, she has to be annoying.... except your mother kids! Except your mother!

More later!