Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 13- A love story

Well, I am of the opinion that every love story needs to be told because, every such story stands out in its own glory and inspires us to never lose hope and faith in love. Here is one such story in all its glory-

Once upon a time, there lived a boy, unruly and loud, fickle as a cloud. Let's call him Prince henceforth. There also lived a girl- cute as a button, quiet but jolly, she hardly had any folly. She was a princess. The boy was a romantic at heart but he hid that side of his under an overtly chauvinistic veil; he hung out with guys and boys strictly, never thought that girls are worthy of friendship, spoke lowly of them and revelled in the glory of boyhood.

The girl came from a place where "romantic relationships" were unheard of, almost like a taboo. She did have a wild streak but she just didn't know it yet. She considered herself never anything above ordinary and never did she feel the need of being modest because modesty is to conceal your aura so that everyone shines in the same bright light but, she was quite unaware of her own aura.

The meet cute was not so very dramatic. The guy although was such a "boy" but, he was a romantic at heart, so much so that he fell for every cute face out there. He could imagine a cute girl and fall in love with her- such strong was his love for love. Is this trait worthy of being called a "romantic"? I leave that decision to you. So he saw the girl one day, she was his college junior. He saw her again and started noticing the nuances of  her eyes, smile, hair. Everything is beautiful if you observe closely. God is a sculpture and he gives much attention to detail. The beholder has to look for them, that's all. Then, he sent her a request on facebook- an online tool which has made life easier for many tools. The friendship request was promptly accepted and thus began a small spark. Their first conversation led to the next one and so on, until one day when they knew each other well enough to pass smiles and make small talk in public. This led to an epiphany that their personalities were like lock and key, they fit together, suited each other. They clicked together.

Now you may feel that clicking together is good thing. Well, Not necessarily. It means that they are good as friends, equals, companions but can that feeling metamorphose into the feeling where you cannot stay apart for even a minute, when you have butterflies in the stomach when you meet the other, when your whole life revolves around the happiness of the other viz., the feeling called love?

Turns out that our Prince shared great chemistry with the Princess not because of the chemistry, but because he was smitten by her and thus, everything she did was adorable to him. Now this was the first good thing that happened in this story which appeared to be drifting wayward thus far.

At one of their hanging-out sessions "as friends", prince professed his love to the princess. Princess had never seen this coming, she would have never known this feeling, she never considered these feelings legit, and coming from the prince, it seemed all the more strange to her. She hadn't given it a single thought, ever. She borrowed some time.

That night, prince called her. They laughed about how he will be a good boyfriend once they get together and how much he loves her. Usually when such a thing happens in a friendship, it ruins the relation, the two people drift apart to make room to accommodate "love" between themselves. But this was not the case between these two. Their chemistry seemed to be indestructible. This struck the princess and acting on sheer instinct, she said "yes" just to experience whether the prince was as good a boyfriend as he claimed to be.

Turns out, prince was none of those things he claimed to be. He stayed the same ol' friend and did the same ol' silly things. Princess was not disappointed to say the least. She was happy. It was like nothing had changed, just that there was a different name for the amazing relation that they shared. Slowly, over time, she fell in love with him.

Love is not something that happens all of a sudden, it's not what you share with your girlfriend you just met; it is what you share with your wife after 20 years of marriage. All you need to do is find someone who cares enough to take the risk and leave the rest to love.