Sunday, February 2, 2014

A poem about a girl I just met.

A breeze crept up,
a lonesome tree.
The leaves rustled,
they now were free.

As they took off,
to unknown terrain.
The tree smiled,
was it fall again?

Autumn's kiss left him,
thirsty for more.
He had waited a lot,
he could wait s'more.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chapter 17- Getting Over Girl 5 and New Delhi

Kids, I might just have moved on and stayed disconnected with my past as I closed the final chapter with girl no. 5. But the thing about past is, it stays with you. So, she stayed. We remained on talking terms but one thing was for sure, I had given up on her. Mentally, if you're free of any bondage, your life actually starts pacing up. It had happened with girl 3 when I finally had decided to move on and suddenly I was in a whole other pace. Now, the same thing was happening with Girl 5, I was now free!

Well, the history repeated itself and I was in a whole other place! Even geographically. In June 2013, your dad came to New Delhi to prepare for the civil sevices examinations. If anything, distance does bring a sense of closure in your life. When you move to a new place, no matter how much you're attached to the older one, the new people, the new experiences do kind of take your mind off things. And that's what was happening. I was alone in a new city and was just getting to know my batchmates in the new class. I had prepared for the post-graduate exams in dentistry but that was half-hearted. My heart was somewhere else and soon, I was going to find it out.

Anyway, this new classroom had some 70 odd students and I had dreamt of finding your mother there. It kind of felt like my last shot. Now I look back and can only laugh at my sense of hurry. Of course, I am writing this in that time but, I am assuming that I will laugh at past me once I meet your mom. In this new class, I chose to sit in the front row and surprisingly, and not by meticulous planning at all, two girls sat on either of my sides. I felt that I'd be ending up with at least one of them, I mean what were the odds? I was a hot doctor-cum-cartoonist-cum-entertainer. I could at least score one out of two. Turned out the one on my left was married and the one to my right was engaged. Now, it was a very sad time in my life and there were people I befriended who I regretted almost instantaneously. Here's the thing about bad people- they're always ready to enter your lives, easy to approach and once you let your guard down, they march right in, with a sense of authority. Thankfully, the class didn't last more than 6 months and at the later part of class, I switched my seat to find new company. It was also the time when I realized the importance of keeping the search on and not settling with someone below your expectations. Unfortunately, I did realize that there was no one upto my expectations in that class. I did gain access to a group which was mostly girls, well, all girls (by coincidence again) but then I gave up my access rights because it didn't go down well with a certain group of guys who I had befriended (oh God why!) by mistake.

It was an even sadder part of my life when I was trying to ward off a guy who persisted with me like a leech. It eventually took an ugly confrontation (thankfully telephonic) to shoo him away but that did depress me further as I had never thought I'd have to formally "break up" with a guy "friend" and that too, for being too "bitchy".

Moral of the story- Choose your friends wisely.