Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chapter No. 4: The most difficult one so far. (Meeting Girl No. 3)

Ok, it's about time I introduced you to girl no. 3, kids. This is where the real story starts. We are standing right at the hole in Titanic now. It's a long story so, sit back...

It all began in a party. If I knew things would take this course, I would have got one of my toes chopped instead of going to this party. Alright, it was one of my friends' birthday and it was a dance party in the basement of a hotel. It was the month of April and sweaters weren't exactly out of the trunks. Sweat is one of the most important ingredients of dance parties. It connects humans. If you are not sweating that means you are not dancing and if you are not dancing... it means you are not having fun in the party so, basically it means you are not enjoying the company you're in and you are a misfit.

I was fresh from the break-up from girl no.2 and she was fresh from her own little break-up. If I had this back-slapping, hell-raising girlfriend, her boyfriend was one of the most eccentric, coming-close-to-MJ kind of a boy. We did see each other daily in class but, that was the day we really saw each other. It happened so that I, suffocated in the cigarette smoke, went out to get some fresh air at exactly the same time as her... and there we were! Two out-of-love, out-of-luck people. I don't exactly remember our first conversation but we clicked. We sat by the pool-side, in the parking lot... we chatted and chatted and chatted.

A little preface, the psychopath she was dating happened to be one of my friends. Don't ask me why. I liked eccentricities to the point that they turned amorous. Slowly, his eccentricity outgrew his morality and I grew out of his friendship. But, when we were friends, he had shared with me his joy when she had confessed her feelings for the first time with him. He danced around. Jumped with joy... which was actually scary but anyway! And I had seen him develop dark circles talking day and night to her. I had seen her refrain from social gatherings her boyfriend was ousted from, which basically meant each and every birthday party.

So, with that history, let's come back to the present scenario. It was a magical night. Starry sky, two strangers, similar stories, slight attraction... phew!

So, that night, SHE CALLED! I have never been called, kids. I mean I have been called but, never immediately after you have met the person and have said your good-byes, with nothing important to say. It was quite romantic for me, kids. There was romance with girl no. 1 and 2, no doubt but, it was the first time life was romancing me! I was happy. I can only guess that from her side it was the beginning of a small little friendship. She was looking for a nice friend and I was nice. One thing I was not... was friend!