Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter 11: Say hello to Girl 4

Would the tortoise narrate to its kids how it lost to a rabbit in the race? Would the villain of a masala bollywood thriller tell his kids where he went wrong? In my case, the answer is "yes". The whole point of this blog is to make you learn from my mistakes in an entertaining manner. That brings me to Girl No. 04.

It was the stuff fairy tales are made of, sans the magic. It had promises, intimacy, love (?), caring for each other; what it didn't have was the typical madness that characterizes a love story. It did have madness alright, it was a mad mad relationship, but more like the tacky madness that makes your stomach churn, certainly not the one that makes you go awww.

How I met her? Well, college function, working together, chit-chatting, exchange of mobile numbers, harmless flirting, harmful flirting and all hell broke loose. I deny it tooth to nail but the truth is that it is a clear-cut case of the dreaded phenomenon called "rebound"!! On my part, it started with a simple "what-if?" What if I can't love anyone anymore? What if I wouldn't be able to love my own wife? What if the best part of my life is over? What if Girl 3 falls in love with someone else? They get married, have kids?

On Girl 4's part, the story started with another "What if"? What if I was destined to meet this guy and spend my whole life with him happily ever after? Yikes!

She loved me, she was jealous of my female friends, she cried for me, she took me very seriously. And I? I was scared!